KBR LCIV FLE: Logistics Supervisor (Class V) in Iraq

Title: LCIV FLE: Logistics Supervisor (Class V)

Location: Iraq

Job Number: 1073675

KBR is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, veteran status, genetic information, union status and/or beliefs, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

Logistics Supervisor - Ammo Supply

Plans, organizes and leads day to day activities of one or more departmental or functional areas activities. Responsible for directing logistics activities in the area of ammunition support services by performing a broad array of assignments relating to the procurement of receipts, inventory/accountability, initial issues, turn-ins, ammunition residue storage, inspections, surveillances, maintenance of heavy equipment, property management, transportation activities, technical documentation and other duties associated with the life cycle technologies to DOD Class V operations. Assist with operating the Standard Ammunition and Accounting System-Modernized (SAAS-MOD) computer hardware, software and utilizes manual records to perform stock control and accounting procedures for ammunition, explosives, and associated explosive components. Assist with Level 6 RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification Tag).Implement employee training requirements, monitors employee performance, and ammunition hazard division codes safety policies and procedures. Establishes production standards, monitors compliance, and recommends operational improvements. Insures employees compliance with applicable government ammunition regulations. Assist the manager in accomplishing the short and long term goals for the department/function areas. Skills are typically acquired through completion of an undergraduate degree and 3-5 years of experience or equivalent. In lieu of a degree, at least 12 years of progressive related experience with a combination of university/college credits, other formalized training or education, and directly related work experience may be considered. Complete ammunition courses or equivalent.


Must have a Secret Security Clearance

Previous SSA (Supply Support Activity) experience preferred.

Requires knowledge in Conventional and Foreign Ammunition Policies and Procedures.

Requires knowledge of Ammo-62 (Hazardous Materials and Technical Transportation (HAZMAT) Inspector) Certification.

Requires knowledge Level 6 RFID Tags (Radio Frequency Identification Tag)

Demonstrable knowledge and background in ammunition and transportation processes

Requires knowledge in the TMR (Transportation Movement Request) process

Must be able to provide good oversight over the performance and production output of the entire Class V operation.

Must be able to lift 50 lbs. without accommodation

Forklift Certification required.

Additional requirements:

Must be fluent in English

Must possess passport book (not passport card) with at least 15 months of remaining validity AND with at least 6 blank visa/stamp pages remaining

Must possess driver’s license with at least 6 month of remaining validity.

It should be understood that employment may be located in potentially dangerous areas, including combat or war zones. This might involve the possibility of suffering harm by dangerous forces or friendly fire. These dangers are inherent to working conditions in a dangerous environment.


Job: Ammunition Supply