KBR FLS Deputy Ramp Services Supervisor in Afghanistan

Title: FLS Deputy Ramp Services Supervisor

Location: Afghanistan

Job Number: 1074174


Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

The FLS Ramp Service Supervisor is responsible for the day to day supervision of up to 3 ramp handling teams operating on different aircraft parking ramps within Kandahar Airfield to ensure safe handling and turn round of all Military and Civil Air Transport Aircraft. He/she will provide expert guidance on all aspects of aircraft handling and Air Cargo Handling Equipment and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) operations.

Duties will include, but are not limited to :

Supervise the Ramp/Traffic Services teams and provide the aircraft dispatch interface between Cargo and Passenger Staff and the FLS Management team.

Coordinate the physical loading/unloading of cargo, baggage, mail and passengers on all air transport aircraft (military and civilian) as per the aircraft load distribution sheet issued by FLS staff in a timely manner to ensure the flight is


on its designated departure time.

Ensure that prior planning is instigated to ensure aircraft are loaded and can meet scheduled departure times.

Ensure all agencies are aware of the required delivery times of services to the aircraft and highlight any problems such as outsize loads that may extend turn round times.

Participate in the management of Health and Safety; in particular ensuring staff are following the rules for the safe loading and dispatch of transport aircraft.

Ensure shift personnel are qualified and are driving in a safe and competent manner the ACHE, MHE and other vehicles and ground equipment involved in the handling of AT aircraft.

Ensure all daily/weekly checks are undertaken on the ACHE/MHE and other vehicles and ground equipment involved in the handling of AT aircraft.

Report any defects.

Responsible for ensuring that all


and continuation training is maintained for all ramp handling teams, and recorded through the training manager.

Monitor working conditions for all staff.


for ramp services coordinator when required.



Must be either a US citizen and hold a US Secret Security Clearance or be a member of one of the Five Eyes (FVEY) countries and have a completed National Agency Check with written Inquiries (NACI)

Ex–military background at Corporal/Senior Aircraftsman level or equivalent e.g. including civil and military cargo operations

Proven ability of supervising Air Movements ramp handling teams of at least 20 employees

Proven record of supervising air transport operations including terminal operations, cargo supervision, passenger supervision, dispatch of aircraft and the use of specialist Air Cargo Handling Equipment (ACHE)

Must be knowledgeable of, and have a background in, the training requirements of the various types of aircraft and handling equipment used by the military and civil operators

Must have knowledge of the current operating criteria of military/civil transport aircraft standard operating procedures and processes for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft

IATA Dangerous Goods trained

Fluent in English to a minimum level of 3333 in accordance with STANAG 6001


Be familiar with NATO, ICAO and ISO terminology

Experience of working on operations in austere remote sites or in developing nations.

Job: Civil Crafts