KBR Design Authority Lead in ENG, United Kingdom

Title: Design Authority Lead

Location: GB-ENG-Leatherhead

Job Number: 1070815


The Transforming Forensics programme will change how biometric (fingerprint, DNA, etc.) and digital forensics is delivered in England and Wales. The

Forensic Systems & Integration Expert

will enable the sharing of biometric and digital data between collaborating forces; as well as the adoption of new technology within each collaboration.

Integration must deal with the constraints of a diverse and volatile brownfield environment. This includes evolving national databases, new mobile networks and devices (used at the scene of crime), and local force / bureau applications and case / crime systems. A variety of integration techniques and technologies, as well as insight into police technology, will be required.

The Design Authority team is responsible for the design and development of a Target Operating Model for a transformed enterprise that will deliver an effective and efficient Joint Forensic and Biometric Service to the UK’s police forces

The DA Lead is responsible for ensuring that the consequences of any design decision are understood. They will develop and maintain a consistent, coherent and complete perspective of the Target Operating Model (TOM), such that the forensic services can transform and realise benefits in a effective and efficient manner for the UK’s police forces.

The DA Lead is responsible for the identification and analysis of Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies and Opportunities and proposing plans for accruing or mitigation

The core activities of the role are :

Manage the twin Design Authority sub tasks of Technical Design Authority and Business Design Authority

Lead the specification and planning of the integration components for shared forensic services across forces: from scene of crime through to reporting to CPS.

Apply knowledge of forensic and police systems, and integration constraints / challenges, to help the programme specify the optimum technology mix / solution.

Lead the implementation of technology to enable shared forensic services across the programme.

Work closely with police forensic stakeholders, e.g. local IT, to facilitate their buy-in and collaboration.

Prepare, review and be accountable for technical reports and documentation

Providing training, mentoring and knowledge transfer to other project team members and the user community


Define new standards and best practices when necessary

Engagement with technical stakeholders from within the scientific support service.

Development and validation of the integration approach and supporting models.

Alignment and / or integration of local systems to fit the national networked solution.

Design and implementation of feasibility studies to mitigate technical risk in integration.



Core competencies:

The Design Authority Lead will drive the overall team capabilities:


Knowledge: business and technical system architectures; forensics “ways of working”; business transformation (strategy and culture)


Skills: listening; enterprise modelling techniques; relationship development; business writing; measurement


Attitude: collaborative, curious, outcome-focused, integrity, honest, empathetic, trust, respect, flexible, consensus-building, objectivity

Transferrable competencies for this role.

Strategic thinker – able to develop strategies and plans to deliver business and client desired outcomes

Influence Strategy – identifies innovative solutions that have strategic impact

Satisfy the Customer – identifies & anticipates customer requirements/expectations to develop solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations

Pursue Execution – prioritises and balances time, actions, resources and initiatives

Tailor Communication – tailors communication style and content to audience effectively

Build Partnerships – builds collaboration & cultivates network across a variety of functions

Influence Others – positions/explains ideas in ways that get support from others





IT/Computer Science Degree/or related field or 10

years equivalent combination of training and experience

Hold UK based security clearance – ideally NPPV Level 2 or Level 3.


Management qualifications – MBA and / or specific methods, e.g. MSP, APMP, etc.

Other technical qualifications / training, e.g. in forensic / police related technology.

Networking and /or security certification, e.g. CISSP, CISMP, etc.

Experience and Skills:

Good depth of knowledge of forensics technology – biometric and/or digital.

Experience of enterprise integration

within the forensic science service of law enforcement.

Knowledge of law enforcement and data protection regulations.


Proven experience with client requirements definition, solutions development, testing, proof of concept, integration, migration and issue resolution.


Demonstrated ability to manage large, complex projects with benefit driven outcomes.


Determines appropriate pricing and value prposition for each opportunity based on operational costs, product licensing, benefits etc.


Extensive experience of application development life-cycle methodologies such as Agile.


Strong presentation skills and experience of presenting to a range of stakeholders.


Consultative approach with clients and internal customers and able to articulate technical concepts using simple business language for the non-technical.


Extensive experience in strategic planning and business change


Ability to build strong relationships and trust across both internal and client organisations as well as the supply chain.

Job: IT Management